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General Information

Stallholder Applications  If you're interested in a stall site you must apply and be assessed by Fairs Management.

  1. APPLY - Please print and complete a “Stallholder Agreement" or request a copy by email. You may wish to inquire first for suitability by lodging an enquiry on-line or emailing questions. We will need a completed and signed copy of the Stallholder Agreement emailed to us as an attachment. Also please ensure you have been accepted into the Fairs before attending.

  2. BOOK - If you apply and are accepted into the Fairs, you can then book a stall site.  You can do this by using the online "Booking/Cancellation Request" (preferred) or email. See "FAQs" below for more information on booking a stall.

  3. ATTEND - You can choose to remain a "Casual" Stallholder and book a stall site every Fairs date or be a "Regular" Stallholder and let us know when you are not attending.


Stall Sites   A single site is 3x3m (typical marquee size). The sites are empty - no tables, marquees etc are provided. Sites are allocated at the sole discretion of Fairs Management. We attempt to allocate sites based on the Stallholders preference and give priority to regular stallholders. A "Park Map" is available to download.


Stall Site Fees  Single $20, Double $35 or Triple $50. Charities and some community groups FREE (enquire with Fairs Management for eligibility).


Insurance  All Stallholders must have Public Liability Insurance and provide evidence of your own current policy to confirm your booking. You will be required to attach a copy when you complete the "Booking/Cancellation Request".


Cancellations  We ask Stallholders cancelling bookings to provide a few days notice to allow Fairs Management to fill spots or re-arrange the layout. You can do this by using the online "Booking/Cancellation Request" (preferred) or email.


Wet Weather  If we experience severe wet weather, Fairs Management may reduce, re-allocate or, in extreme circumstances, cancel the Fairs. This is to ensure the safety of people and property and prevent damage to the Park surface. Fairs Management will make reasonable efforts to inform affected Stallholders using this website and contact details provided by the Stallholders.

Fairs Management Contact

Berridale Lions Fairs Co-Ordinator



Success! Message received.


Q. Can I pick any site I want?

A. Regular Stallholders have first preference with site allocation and can have the same regular site for each of the Fairs if they wish. Casual stall sites are allocated on a "first come, first served" basis - but let us know if you have a preferred site location.

Q. Do I need insurance?

A. All sites must have public liability insurance. You must arrange your own (you will need to provide us with a copy at the time of booking your site).

Q. How do I book a stall?

A. New Stallholder: If you are new to the Fairs you will need to apply using the “Stallholder Agreement”. (You can enquire first by using the on-line “Enquiry” Form or emailing us).  Once accepted we can book you into the Fairs based upon your needs and site availability.


Casual Stallholder: If you are already registered with us and have a “Stallholder Agreement” in place, you can use the on-line Fairs Stall "Booking Request” or by emailing us.


Regular Stallholder: If you are registered and have informed us that you will attend the Fairs regularly, we will assume you will attend unless you inform us otherwise.


Q. What kind of stalls are allowed?

A. We strive to make the Fairs community and family oriented, so we will firstly judge whether an applicant fits within this broad criteria. We encourage arts and crafts, local produce, plants, bric-a-brac, second hand books and media. More commercially oriented goods and services will be assessed on an individual basis for suitability. Charities and Community organisations are very welcome. We intend to develop a more comprehensive policy for stallholder selection, and when it is complete we will publish it on this website. We retain full discretion on approving stallholders entry to the Fairs.



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